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Dry Nuts Stores "To Rodon" Chania

Large variety of nuts, dried fruits, herbs, spices, drinks and much more. All of excellent quality. Five stores in Chania and also online with a unique dry nuts eshop .

Wine in Crete

The wine has known around 4000 years of systematic cultivation in Crete! No wonder that the oldest winepress ( 3500  years old)  was found in the region of Vathipetro. Homer informs us  that, at his time, Cretan wines were renowned throughout the known world. This tradition, however, would not bear fruit without knowledge and  technology. Cretan winemakers took recent advancements, but also the consumers preferences, seriously into account. This largely due to the existence of a new generation of winemakers, enologists, viticulturists, etc. who are trying to improve all aspects of Cretan wine with knowledge, vision, and passion. New varieties are being tested, and new aromas and flavors are emerging, presenting the consumer with fine wines, which can satisfy all tastes and needs. Making good use of traditional vine varieties and age - old experience,modern wine producers in Crete have managed to elevate Cretan wine to its rightful position. Discover cretan wines in Rodon stores