About Chania

Chania (Greek Χανιά, also transliterated Hania or even Khania) is a beautiful port town on the north west coast of Crete, with an atmosphere reflecting its Byzantine, Venetian and Turkish past. A highly livable spot.

Chania and the long row of beach resorts stretching 20 km west along the beaches of the Chania bay is a well visited destination for Scandinavian charter trips. Chania, being the nearest city, is an attractive destination for sightseeing and shopping for many tourists especially during April to October. Here is plenty of opportunities for eating and drinking on Greek tavernas and modern cafés that are open all day long

The old town is centered around the harbor, it is a maze of alleys and houses that has been standing for many hundred years rebuilt, ruined and built up again with details from the different epochs.
Old town is full of souvenir, art and crafts shops; the new quarters house the regular span of shops, here you can find the most of your needs for the hiking or other adventures.

The beaches begin in the city a bit away but not far from the old town. Nearest one is Nea Hora beach, a 1 km. walk from the west end of the Old Town.

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